Acne is a problem most, if not all, of us have had but thanks to good acne treatments you don’t have to suffer any longer. Some people have a bigger problem with spots and zits than others but fear not as there will be a great treatment that will actually work and prevent acne and we will help you find it!

Have you spent hours in the supermarket hunting for a good acne face wash only to find out that it doesn’t work well for you? Have you been spending hundreds of your hard earned cash every year on a different acne cream or facial every few months with none of them working? Well, we have 3 of the top acne treatment products on the market for 2014 and 2015 that are PROVEN to work.

With our help you can start your road to a clearer face and decide which face wash will work best for your skin type and most importantly your bank balance. Below we have a small table of arguably the 3 top acne face wash products available.

Exposed Acne Treatment
ZenMed DermaCleanse Acne Treatment
ClearPores Acne Treatment
BrandExposed Skincare Buy Exposed Skin CareZenMed Skincare Buy ZenMedClearPores Skincare Buy ClearPores
Overall Score
Customer Feedback
ReviewExposed ReviewZenMed ReviewClearPores Review
Active Ingredients
Benzoyl P.
Sacyclic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Organic Ingredients
Green Tea
Passion Flower
Aloe Vera
Sage Extract
Tea Tree Oil
Most Effective On The Following Skin Types
Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Price (US)$49.95$84.89 $64.95$53.99
Guarantee1 Year60 Days90 Days
Buy Exposed Skin CareBuy ZenMedBuy ClearPores

Buying The Best Treatments That Work in 2014

1 – Exposed Skin Care Treatment

Exposed Acne TreatmentOur number one rated and arguably the best acne treatment 2014 is the very well known Exposed Skin Care. This
acne product comes with a fantastic one year, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Further to that we also rate Exposed Skin Care as the best for all skin types (apart from those with sensitive skin). The product is well known as the best acne treatment for combination skin and is known to be one of the few acne treatments that work.

With proven results and glowing reviews from customers all around the world. We consider Exposed Skin Care to be the best acne product on the market for 2014 and leading into 2015.

After reviewing Exposed Skin Care we found that the top reason for it working so well is down to it unique blend of natural and synthetic ingredients which seem to give it that extra kick for preventing acne.

2 – Zenmed Derma Cleanse

ZenMed DermaCleanse Acne TreatmentPerfect for those of you with sensitive skin Zenmed Derma Cleanse. The only reason I have Zendmed as second best is because I personally have oily skin which makes Zendmed a little less effective. Although, my girl friend is the opposite and she LOVES Zenmed – hence why it is a very close second!

Zenmed doesn’t utilize the same ingredients as Exposed Skin Care which makes it a little milder, the reason its a good fit for those with sensitive skin. ZenMed Derma Cleanse does though offer natural and synthetic ingredients which again act as a big kick for preventing spots developing.

How To Choose The Best Acne Treatment For You

Did you know that your choice of treatment will hinge mostly on what type of skin you have? If you were to get a treatment that wasn’t meant for your skin type then it might be completely useless or worse, cause your acne to breakout more than before.

Acne Skin Types - Best Acne Treatments

Acne Skin Types

Most of us, me included, have what is commonly known as combination skin type. This basically means that we have some parts (fore head, below the lower lip and commonly sides of the nose) are oily and other parts are dry. This is also known as the Oily T zone.

At the top of this page we have the acne treatment comparison table which shows you know exactly how effective each of the products are with dry and oily skin. All you have to do is make sure you find out which skin type you are and marry it up with what ones are best for it.

What makes a good acne treatment?

You will know or will have read by now that there are hundreds of different treatments available to fight acne and no doubt you have tried a lot of them. The Most effective preventative treatments that you can get over the counter include ingredients that have been proven to work against acne.

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
Green Tea - Best Acne Treatments

Green Tea – Natural Ingredient

Most people tend to forget about Mother Nature when thinking about acne treatments, she has a few ingredients that work great for clearing up and preventing acne. Green tea, Tea Tree Oil, Honey and even Lavender are just a few natural ingredients you will find in most treatments. These ingredients have a whole host of other health benefits as well as just being a natural treatment.

A few of these natural ingredients have proven to be so effective at preventing spots that there are dedicated products that you can get over the counter with these ingredients as the main or only ingredient.

Both the natural and active ingredients have different properties that make them effective in acne prevention and when you mix them together you will end up with a VERY effective acne treatment that will harness both Mother Natures ingredients and active ingredients which are all proven to work.

It is very important that when selecting the top product for you that you know exactly what you are getting, with a lot of the cheaper acne treatments you won’t get enough of the proven ingredients to make a big enough difference.