It can be a shocking idea to decide to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. However, laser body hair removal has been portrayed negatively due to a reputation of pain and cost.

But did you know that laser body hair removal can be found as far back as the 1960’s? At that time, however, laser hair removal was fairly new and a bit painful. In fact, laser hair removal at that time was looked at as an impossibility that only existed inside spaceships and on Mars.

Laser Body Hair Removal

Blonde woman having underarm Laser hair removal epilation. Laser treatment in cosmetic salon

In 1996, laser hair removal took big strides when Grossman and associates finally figured it out using a ruby laser. Since then, hundreds of products have hit the market that promise hair removal quickly and painlessly.

The truth? Many of these products DO work.

Laser body hair removal has many benefits for you and your body. For now, drop your razor and read on to discover these benefits and how hair removal may be the best option for you.

#1 – Results that Last

Everyone knows that shaving your legs can happen at least once a day. With the traditional razor, hair is not removed but shaved to the skin level.

Some razors have been created that give us a false hope in an extremely close shave. However, they do not get close enough to have lasting results.

Other forms of hair removal such as waxing can remove hair for longer periods of time. However, waxing still must be done often to ensure the hair stays away.

Laser body hair removal gives you results that last. In fact, laser hair removal tends to happen in treatments, meaning the hair is taken away slowly and effectively.

Laser removal treatments are usually scheduled every 4-6 weeks or whatever your physician suggests. As you enjoy your treatment, you will see that the hair is not growing back near as fast and will be finer too.

Although it is a process, the results are proven to satisfy. You will no longer need to shave each day in these areas that you choose, saving you time and cash too.

#2 – Money and Time-Saving

Razor companies and the industry is known to be worth a staggering $3 billion dollars. It is no secret that the money we spend on razors or waxing each month is high.

The solution? Laser body hair removal is money-saving and time-saving in the long run. At first, you will need to make time for your treatments and you may need to pay for the treatments ahead of time.

However, the time you will save shaving will be “shaved” to nearly nothing each week. In fact, you may be able to completely rid your home of razors after the end of your treatments.

If you do not shave but instead wax, you are saving hard-earned cash by not visiting the salon. If you do use razors, you will not have the cost of disposable razors or expensive refills.

After a year, you will be able to go back and see your savings each month. With your hair completely removed, you will no longer need to spend money on removal tools, products or services.

#3 – Laser Removal is Painless

Let’s dispell some big rumors here, shall we?

Laser body hair removal is a completely painless procedure. Yes, even in large areas. Lasers are quick acting and they take care of multiple hairs at one time.

Although some skin can be more sensitive than other areas, laser removal does not take long at all to complete thus keeping discomfort to a new low. With sessions lasting 15 to 30 minutes for large areas, you won’t feel much.

If you have sensitive skin, a bit of discomfort may come due to the heat of the machine. However, there are products available such as a cooling device that can be used to help.

Waxing and shaving can cause nicks and pain to ensue over delicate areas. Plucking can cause irritation and pain to any area. With laser removal, there is no waxing, shaving or plucking.

Instead, the hair is completely removed painlessly, quickly and effectively.

#4 – Reduces Ingrown Hair

We have all been introduced to Mr. Ingrown. Whether it be in a delicate area or somewhere easy to reach, an ingrown hair can cause some serious pain and discomfort.

Razors and plucking can cause irritation, redness and of course, ingrown hairs due to the direction we shave. Shaving the hair is frowned upon due to this issue, but shaving with the hair doesn’t remove hair as effectively.

Laser hair removal gives you another option for hair removal without ingrown hairs. Lasers allow the hair to be cut off completely and without uneven edges, thus reducing ingrown hairs effectively.

Between treatments, less hair will come back which prevents ingrown hairs, causing the actual texture of your skin to change over time in those areas. This prevents more ingrown hairs in the future.

Another great plus? Laser treatments can help prevent acne breakouts. Yes!

#5 – Safe

Something about placing a laser to your skin is scary and a bit unnerving. However, this is not your 23rd-century space film and laser body hair removal is completely safe.

With laser hair removal, you may experience some initial discomfort, a bit of swelling and a temporary skin color change. However, the treatment is completely safe to perform when done correctly.

To ensure you are getting the best laser removal, make sure you visit a physician or dermatologist that is certified in laser removal. Do your research and give yourself the best treatment possible.

To dispell another rumor, there is no scientific evidence that laser hair removal causes cancer or any other skin condition.

Rest assured, your treatments are completely safe for you and your body.

#6 – Gain Confidence

Unwanted body hair can cause you to feel down about your appearance. Although everyone is beautiful and unique, you may feel like you need something a bit special to feel confident again.

Laser body hair removal can remove hair from any area you feel self-conscious about. This includes your bikini line for women and chest hair for men. This also means facial hair can be removed in those tough areas such as sideburns and the upper lip.

You will no longer need to keep those areas covered and you can flaunt those areas as if they are brand new. Laser hair removal gives you the confidence you deserve without costing you a fortune, costing you time, and inflicting pain.

#7 – Enjoy Smooth and Healthier Skin

If you could get out of the shower without moisturizing and have smooth skin just like that, would you do it? Of course, you would.

Laser hair removal helps you achieve constantly smooth skin without all of the efforts of shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

After shaving, you may see bumps that are small and cause your skin to be coarse. These bumps are caused by shaving and dry skin.

However, laser hair removal removes hair at the root, causing the bumps to be nonexistent. Without the coarse bumps, your skin will look brand new and completely smooth.

Laser removal removes anything from under the skin that could cause these bumps completely. There will no longer be hair to cause irritation, this keeping your skin healthier too.

Shaving opens your skin up to infection through small nicks and razor burns that can happen with your razor. These small places can easily be forgotten, causing your skin to be more susceptible to infection.

Laser body hair removal keeps your skin smooth and healthy without cuts, scrapes, and burns.

#8 – Laser Removal is Precise

If you have ever shaved only to find a missed place later on, you understand the frustration. Precision is important, especially with a date to enjoy, a pool party to go to or an important meeting where confidence is key.

Laser removal is completely precise. When the laser moves over your skin, hairs simply cannot be missed. The area covered by the laser is large and able to reach hard to reach places you may miss.

As stated before, the bikini line, sideburns, upper lip, chest and other areas can be difficult to cover. However, laser treatment can remove all of this and more without much work from your technician – and none from you!

The Best Choice

As you can see, laser body hair removal has many benefits. From precision to being painless and cost effective, laser removal is the best choice for those wanting to remove hair permanently.

There are thousands of technicians and dermatologists that are skilled at these treatments and certified to do the best hair removal treatment for your skin. A quick search can connect you to the best option for you, your schedule and your needs.

If you are still on the fence, perhaps you should remember that your skin is with you from the beginning to the end of time. It is imperative that healthy skin is long-lasting skin.

Give yourself the ultimate confidence boosting procedure by looking into laser body hair removal. Your wallet will thank you and so will your body!