The causes of acne on the forehead, nose, cheek, and chin are different from each other. The meaning of acne location and acne face map can be found in this article…

Meaning of Pimple Location on Face

Acne on your face is not only caused by clogged pores, hormones and bacteria. The area where acne occurs says a lot about your overall health.

Acne on the forehead and nose (T-Zone)

Recurring acne in the T zone is mainly caused by excessive sebum, fat production or stress. While stress and fat production are not related, stress can certainly aggravate your acne.
In a study conducted with the participation of 265 medical students, 69% of the participants had stress-induced acne. It may also be caused by pimples in your forehead, malnutrition, and pore-blocking components in hair products.

Acne at the hairline

Some hair care products contain oily and water-based chemicals. When you apply the care product to your scalp, it will irritate your forehead, especially the part close to your hairline. If you have recurring pimples near your hair hairline, the reason is the hair care products you use.

Acne around eyebrow

If you have acne on your eyebrows, it is caused by an irritated hair follicle (eyebrow or facial makeup or hair care products). If you use eyebrow styling products, make sure they are not blocking the pores and that you frequently clean the applicator. Shaving, eyebrows with rope, and ingrown hairs caused by the eyebrows can also cause acne.

Acne on the cheeks

Repeated acne on your cheeks has many reasons, from dirty pillowcases to make-up brushes, from mobile phones to stress. While talking, we hold the phone to our ears and the screen touches our cheeks. A survey revealed that most cell phone display surfaces contain germs and bacteria. Therefore, we should pay attention to facial cleansing.

Acne Face Map: Meaning of Pimple Location

Acne Face Map: Meaning of Pimple Location

Acne on the Chin and Jawline

Your hormones often cause acne in the jaw and jawline. A study says that hormonal acne is concentrated mainly on the lower part of the face, that is, your chin and jawline. In other words, acne on this part of your face is related to your endocrine system that regulates hormone production. Generally, when your body has excess androgen, your sebaceous glands become overactive.
Also, hormone production is increased throughout the menstrual cycle and if you use a contraceptive drug that contains only progestin. Your hormones are also affected by your diet. If you have a high-carbohydrate diet that includes a large number of dairy products, your hormone levels will increase.

Acne in the ears

Factors such as bacteria build-up (due to unclean headphones or frequent sticking your fingers to your ear), stress, hormonal imbalance, pore-clogging hair care, and cosmetics can also cause acne in the ears.


Tips for preventing acne formation

  • Keep your face clean and avoid touching it frequently, especially with dirty hands. Also, do not use soap or hard face wash products to wash your face.
  • Get rid of the habit of eating too much-processed food. Reduce sugar. Chips, fried foods and sodas increase your blood sugar level and affect your body pattern.
  • If you find that dairy products have allergic consequences, reduce their consumption.
  • Drink plenty of water. The dehydrated body produces more fat. Also, when you are dehydrated, your cells cannot function properly.
  • Use products that do not block the pores. Avoid using pomade hair care products.
  • We know it’s hard to resist the temptation to blow up pimples, but avoid doing that. This worsens inflammation and increases the risk of post-inflammatory skin staining.
  • Remember that stress makes acne worse. Take active measures to reduce stress. Try yoga, meditation, gardening, aromatherapy or other favorite activities.


Tips for preventing acne formation

Acne Face Map: Meaning of Pimple Location
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