Home made anti aging serum !

No matter how old you are, an anti aging serum will keep your face rejuvenated and fresh.

When choosing your serum, remember: don’t waste money on store-bought mixtures that won’t work and will probably just end up clogging your pores.

Instead, understand what your face needs and how to put it all together. To do that, check out our ingredient-by-ingredient guide to the perfect serum!

Your body prefers natural substances and well-made and developed anti-aging products. Using an anti-aging serum to its full advantage can repair the damage the sun does to your skin and even erase wrinkles.

If you want to make your own anti aging serum; check out our ingredient-by-ingredient guide to the perfect self made serum!

Anti Aging Serum Ingredients

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Serums and skin care treatments are all about finding the right oils for your skin. This varies from person to person, but in any treatment, you’re going to want to go for the perfect combination of carrier oils and essential oils.

These are two different types of oils that get used in anti aging serums and other skin care products. Both come from plants and should absolutely be taken from natural sources only.

Understanding the difference between these ingredients is absolutely essential to understanding how to use them.

Carrier Oils for anti aging

Carrier oils are neutral-smelling oils that are used as the base of any serum or mixture.

When choosing a carrier for your rejuvenating facial serum, you’re going to want something high in vitamins A, K, and E.

These vitamins are all essential to energizing your skin. The way they interact with your skin cells is sure to stop aging dead in its tracks.

You’ll also want oils rich in antioxidants to help your skin withstand daily wear-and-tear, along with fatty acids for hydration and elasticity.

The right carrier oils can even make wrinkles disappear from your face and protect you from acne and boils.

Some good carrier oils for your serum include:

  • Coconut Oil-By far one of the most trendy oils for all homemade beauty products, coconut oil is full of vitamin E. It also is full of other benefits for the epidermis. These benefits include: protecting your skin from free radicals, promoting the generation and regeneration of collagen, preventing the formation of dark “sun spots” and softening your skin. If that’s not enough, it’s commonly available at supermarkets, tasty, and incredibly healthy. There’s pretty much no reason not to get coconut oil.
  • Avocado Oil-Avocado oil is full of vitamins A and E. It is one of the most popular oils for use in an anti aging serum or a mask worn overnight. Because of its thickness, be sure not to use it if you plan on going out in the next few hours.
  • Sweet Almond Oil-One of the most important benefits of Sweet Almond Oil is that it’s a natural UV blocker. If you love fun in the sun, sweet almond oil means not having to choose between your youth and your lifestyle.
  • Argan Oil-Argan oil is incredibly rich in fatty acids. What this means is that it’s one of the best oils out there for keeping your skin soft and glowing. As one Huffington Post Canada reporter put it, though she didn’t see wrinkles disappear from her face, she did absolutely see an improvement in her facial skin care quality.
  • Carrot Seed Oil-Carrot seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants. Ounce-for-ounce, it’s probably the best oil out there for UV protection. It can also repair sun damage already caused to your skin cells, making it a great oil for your serum!

Essential Oils

for anti aging:

Like carrier oils, essential oils also come from plants and have great benefits for your skin. Unlike carrier oils, they come with the smells you would associate with the plant they come from.

Because of this, use great caution when adding essential oils to your anti aging serum. Using too much of an essential oil is a great way to get end up with a stinky face without doing much about your skin care woes.

Remember: a tiny bit of essential oil goes a long way. And going from even a “tiny” bit to a “little” bit of essential oil is enough to go from “a long way” to “too far.”

As with carrier oils, the essential oils you add to your serum should be rich in the right vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate your face, protect you from sun damage and repair your skin cells.

Some essential oils that are great for this are:

  • Frankincense Oil – Frankincense oil is one of the best essential oils for any skin care purpose. It can help your scars fade, maintain tissue health, and help to protect against boils and acne. You owe it to your face to try making an anti aging serum using frankincense.
  • Rosemary Oil-Rosemary oil is constantly ranked as one of the most effective anti aging serum oils out there. And although topical application of rosemary oil has tons of benefits, don’t think rubbing it on your face is the only option: inhalation of rosemary oil has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, one of the biggest factors in the appearance of aging.
  • Lavender Oil-The antioxidants in lavender oil will help your skin fight the damage caused by free radicals. In addition, lavender oil improves communication between your brain and skin cells. What that means is that your skin will repair itself faster and better with lavender oil. And if that’s not enough, lavender oil also smells great!
  • Jojoba Oil-Jojoba oil has a ton of benefits that make it one of the most effective anti aging serum options out there. Applying it to wrinkled areas can help remove wrinkles, it’s a great moisturizer for both your face and hair and can even prevent razor burns and damage from makeup removal. If that wasn’t enough, it also naturally slows down signs of aging and fights the bacteria on your face that lead to breakouts. Jojoba really is a miracle oil for your skin.

Combining Your Oils

After you’ve chosen your essential and carrier oils, the next step to making your anti aging serum is mixing them.

Doing that isn’t difficult. But doing it right is important. Like I said above, mixing them the wrong way can result in a smelly face or inconsistent levels of oils that may end up clogging your pores.

In general, any combination of essential and carrier oils call for the carrier oil to be diluted by 2 percent essential oils.

As I said, a lot goes a long way. So don’t go too far with the essential oils.

So for one ounce of your anti aging serum, you should want about twelve drops of your essential oil.

Make sure you combine the ingredients using the right equipment and in the right ratios. You should get a one-ounce bottle and a dropper to mix them together and hold your anti aging serum after you make it.

Remember that because you’re putting such a small amount of essential oil in your carrier oil, making a “one dose” quantity of your anti aging serum will be nearly impossible.

Other Tips

Making your anti aging serum is an important first step in taking control of your face.

That being said, skin care is about so much more than one serum. There are plenty of other products to make, good habits to get into, and bad habits to get out of.

It can all seem like a bit much, but there are ways to get quality advice on skin care that’s practical enough to fit your schedule.

I am one of the best sources online for people of all ages looking for skin care tips and advice.

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