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Use of External Retinoids as Acne Medication

At present external retinoids are most common topical medications for acne ailment. These are most often prescribed by the dermatologists globally for the eradication as well as thwarting further recurrence of acne blemishes. What are Retinoids? Retinoids are the derivatives of fat soluble vitamin A. These are the most popular choice of treatment for mild […]

At what age does acne occur? How many kinds of acne are there?

At what age does acne occur? Acne is a chronic, non-definite disease that is common among adolescents and young adults and causes physical and psychological effects in up to 90% of adolescents and young adults. It can be seen at all ages in Western societies, but maximum visibility is between the ages of 16-18. It […]

Use of Birth Control Pills to Prevent Acne

Nowadays, there are countless acne medications within our reach, which are not only effective in erasing these traumatic blemishes but also useful in filling up several bodily nutritional requirements, as well as healing up other ailments caused by hormonal dysfunction. Birth control pills or contraceptive pills are one such kind of medications which are most […]

Hormonal Treatment for Female Acne

Acne, better known as scourge of adolescence, does not really get away after entering adulthood. Especially for women at 18 to 60 years, it is a wretched strive with esoteric hormonal actions and even more a frustrating scouring at local pharmacies for a unique cure. Most of the women struggling with adult acne either do […]

Yogurt to Get Rid of Acne

Yogurt consumption can help us fighting acne from the inside due to the fact that yogurt contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that increase our body immune system in fighting bacteria that cause acne. Beside that, yogurt contains various natural acids that will reduce the skin clogging. Yogurt also contains various essential substances that […]