Acne and Food are important. Acnes can be seen at every age as it opposes the idea of it will only occur at puberty period. Pimples or acne are very serious skin disease which is accepted by many dermatologists. Even though acne is a common skin problem starting between the ages of 13 and 14, it can be seen in adults, too.


When a teenager has an acne problem, it is seen as a normal thing by the parents even though it is affecting the teen’s confidence very deeply and they never consult the problem with a doctor. However, it is the opposite of adults. When a person in their thirties struggles with acne problem, s/he directly goes to a doctor to find a solution for that. No matter the age, acne is a serious problem and should be solved with a dermatologist since it will leave marks and may lead to a more serious skin problem.

The things that you can do!

The first thing you can do to prevent acne to occur is fixing your diet. You should stay away from certain foods that can prepare the body into a suitable place to generate acnes. There are many types of research in the field that show certain foods prepare the base to acne occurrence or quicken the process. Here are some of the “Acne and Food” recommendations that will help your acne to develop more quickly and badly:

spicy foods and acne

What do eat?

Spicy foods: Spices or hot pepper should consume less. Even though these kinds of foods do not directly affect the number of acnes or quicken their development, they increase the redness on the face since they also increase the blood flow in the body.
Sugary foods: Sugary foods like chocolate affects the immune system very badly. If your immune system is weakened, it’s more likely that our acnes will increase. Processed sugar influences blood sugar levels in a bad way. Because of that reason you should not consume any sugar or decrease your processed sugar intake.
Dairy: Even though it is important to consume dairy and every dairy product has its benefits, unfortunately, these kinds of foods affect your acne. We do not say that you should completely stay away from those foods. But try not to eat them every day and even if you are eating dairy, please be careful that the food you are consuming is fresh if you are suffering from acne.

Sugary and fizzy beverages: In addition to sugar making the immune system weaker, sugary beverages make people drink less water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water every day helps the body and skin clean itself. Consuming less fizzy drinks is important for both bodies to control their blood sugar levels and skin to controlling acne.
Processed food: Processed foods like white bread and sugary snacks increase insulin levels of the body. And that does not only result in making acne develop but prepare a suitable base for other serious skin problems.
French fries, cereals, boxed fruit juices, ice cream, onion rings. And other unhealthy processed foods are first the reason for acne. Do not forget what you are putting into your body.
Also, you can check an anti-acne diet here.
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