Exposed Skin Care 

Exposed Skin Care offers a line of products and guarantees the best treatment.  These products are available individually or may be purchased as an acne kit.  Products include facial cleanser, probiotic complex, moisture complex and kits include body wash, a facial serum and facial mask and microderm scrub.

Customer reviews included clearer skin and no oily shine.  After using Exposed Skin Care’s facial cleanser, customers noticed a huge difference in appearance of acne on their skin after an average of two months use.  Customer also praised Exposed Skin Care’s facial wash as it keeps the skin adequately hydrated and gives a very clean look instantly.

Exposed Skin Care’s probiotic complex contains green tea extracts and antioxidants.  This product works internally to help the body rid acne from the inside out.  Each jar contains 60 capsules with daily dosage instructions.

After three weeks of use, customer reviews indicated a visible change with fewer breakouts. Customers began observing less painful red bumps on their face and chest.  With the use of probiotic complex, customers reported acne reduction.  Hydration and no excess oil were other testimonies customers gave.  After using the moisture complex, customers were happy to say it absorbed easily into the skin and did not leave an oily residue.  Numerous customer reviews stated this was the best moisturizer yet.

Acne kits cannot guarantee complete removal of acne spots, but it does scale down breakouts hugely.  People begin seeing visible results after an average of two to three weeks of regular use.  However, since everyone is different, it does depend on how much your body accepts the treatment.  It may require more time, patience and cooperation to see results for some people.

Exposed Skin Care is recommended for adults (both men and women) and teenagers suffering from acne.