Acne is an issue most of us have faced in our lives. But did you know that there are a lot of your favourite celebrities who may have suffered from the same issue as well. They have a lot of makeup, and photo shop etc to make sure their skin looks flawless and amazing, but the acne issue has not spared anyone. Here is a list of your favorite celebs that can give you a complex with their skin and complexion but have a hidden acne secret.

  1. Cameron Diaz– It is difficult to point out a single scar on the face of this gorgeous lady today. But she tried everything under the sun to make sure her acne would go away. Every failed attempt made her realize that itCameron-Diaz was probably her diet that was the issue. She says that there was a miraculous change in her skin when she stopped eating fast food. Those creams, drugs, oral medication, layers of makeup and potions nothing worked better than the diet changed and the skin was clear like never before. Her skin requires diligent care because of her acneic complexion. She’s conscious of it and goes to great measures to handle and correct it. She shares her struggle with acne in her guide ‘the body book’. She has given the world some awesome entertainment with movies like what happens in Vegas, knight and day, Charlie’s angels and more and has won the people’s choice award, the blockbuster entertainment award and many more.
  2. Kate Moss– Kate had her acne problem healed with nourishing oils. She turned to nourishing oils after trying a whole lot of products. Her skin feels hydrated and supple once the oils are applied. Dermatologists also Kate-Mossperformed hydrating Microdermabrasion on her skin to help stimulate the skin and promote new cell growth. Derma rollers helped stimulate the production of collagen on her skin and cleanse the clogged pores. She also used a decent moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated and plump. Applying these oils and moisturizers at night is like recovering all the natural oils the skin has lost during the day due to sun, party, lack of sleep and more. She has gone to win the glamour award for entrepreneur and the special recognition award as well.
  3. Rihanna– She’s super model, Singer, Actress, Fashion designer, song writer an all rounder of the Industry. Born in February 1988, This award winning singer whose concerts you wouldn’t want to miss for anythingRihaana in the world has admitted that she has her bad day with pimples once every month. It is frustrating and she is in a bad mood, but she copes through it just like any of us would. Her glamorous albums have left us foot tapping since forever. Just so that you know, as per WikiPedia she has a networth of $160 million (est. 2016)
  4. Miley Cyrus– the Hannah Montana star was put in front of the camera as a baby, she has literally grown up there, she has contributed to the movie industry with a lot of films ever since and in her teen years like otherMiley-Cyrus teen kids she had to face the pimple attack as well. Her busy schedule and lack of sleep contributed to the issue in a great way, she faced the spotlight with this issue. She handled her breakout pretty well and is very careful about what she eats. She also uses an innovative approach to keep acne at bay. She uses products made from natural ingredients to cleanse and purify her skin. She won the kid’s choice award, a lot of MTV music awards and teen choice awards since she managed to fight off her pimples.
  5. Victoria Beckham– as a celebrity wife and mother, she is suppose to remain prim and proper at all times, but unfortunately Victoria-Beckhamshe is one of those people who have always had some or the other skin problems. Though, her skin is flawless today all thanks to her dermatologist, the start wasn’t all that great. She started with going to her dermatologist for oxygen facials and has never looked at any other products other than his. Contact your dermatologist and let them know about your issue and treat it from the grass root level to gain a radiant skin tone like Victoria’s.
  6. Britney spears– This award winning singer and performer is not just just glamorous but a complete package. Britney-spearsBritney went through a rough patch last year where she had to go through a whole lot of skin problems. She underwent a laser resurfacing with her dermatologist and has her skin glowing like never before. This procedure reduced blemishes and scars on Britney’s facial skin to reveal newer and smoother looking skin; however, laser resurfacing is an expensive procedure. And must be considered when all other procedures have failed to work.
  7. Katy Perry– she has had a tough time fighting acne since her teenage days. She switched to proactKaty-Perryiv products and is endorsing the brand not just in commercials, but is a regular user of the products. Her skin has noticed a remarkable change since she made the switch and has stuck to it ever since. Her healthy lifestyle and appropriate skin care regiment helped her control the outbreaks. Another award magnet that she is, her songs and albums are the life of every party you ever go to.
  8. Alicia Keys– The nanny diaries actress never ceases to amaze with her vocal talent and extraordinary vocal skills. Alicia-KeysBut she has had her share of skin trouble too. While in recent years her skin has seemed to calm down, when Alicia first came on the scene, she was known for constantly struggling. With problem skin. She managed to keep her breakouts under control by following a good skin care routine. Alicia prefers exfoliating her skin regularly to eliminate acne causing bacteria and dead skin cells that give rise to acne. Fortunately for her, whatever current skin regime she is using seems to be keeping the acne at bay.
  9. Holly Willoughby– Children of 3, this young lady was born in England in 1981. The gorgeous, the beautiful, the Holly-WilloughbyEnglish television presenter and The winner of glamour award for presenter, Holly has had her ups and down in her relationships, but her skin has faced a lot of issues of their own. It looks flawless and without a single mark now because just like Cameron Diaz, she too believes that healthy eating is the key to healthy skin and that drinking a lot of water keeps the skin looking gorgeous and glowing
  10. Adam Levine– American singer and song writer, voted as one of the sexiest men alive Adam-Lavinein the people’s magazine, this man used to have an acne attack as well.  He was not immune to this attack and soon after he won the title, there were certain pictures released from his high school days, wearing a hat and a face full of acne. Levine has also received three Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and a World Music Award.
  11. Naya Riviera– Actress, Singer, Song writer and model by profession. Nya-RivieraThis hilarious cheerleader from the hit show Glee. She looked like a complete diva on screen, but she admitted that she had to fight acne as well. Her skin looks great on screen and she did not have to face acne trouble till her mid twenties, but once the acne bug bit her, it looked like it was there to stay. Just like Katy Perry Proactiv products have done wonders for her skin and she has joined the spokesperson’s group for Proactiv products ever since.
  12. Jessica Simpson– Together with her share of career struggle, she also had to face the pimple struggle. Jessica-SimpsonFrom relationship trouble to the volumes of weight she gained during her pregnancy, the media have kept her under the limelight for reasons undesirable. She was prescribed accutane by dermatologist, but she became the spokesperson for proactiv as well when she used their 3 step acne solution. Her skin looks clearer, glows and has a natural radiance since then. She has gone on to give us movies like blonde ambition and a few more, but has managed to bag quite a few awards for her vocal talent.
  13. Keira Knightly– Known for her roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In an interview with Vogue, she happened to talk about her acne trouble.Keira-Knightly She admitted that she is very self-conscious about her bad skin, explaining how when your brand and product is related to your face, you become aware of all your flaws because of what people will say. Fortunately for her, her occasional run-ins with acne doesn’t seem to change the fact that she is still classically gorgeous.
  14. Kangana Ranaut– She was a rebellious teenager and escaped from home to pursue Kangana-Ranauther career as an actress; she has evolved as a commendable actor over the years and watching her on screen for movies like Queen, tanu weds manu is a complete pleasure. But as a younger teenage girl, she had her skin troubles and acne outbreaks too; she dealt with it in the most normal way, keeping the pores unclogged and skin hydrated. It has worked well for her and she looks gorgeously beautiful. This national award winning diva is a complete treat on screen.
  15. Katrina Kaif– A beautiful and elegant lady introduced by famous bollywood star Katrina-KaifSalman Khan. This screen goddess from Fitoor and Jab tak hai jaan has had acne trouble for a while too. Katrina Kaif went through this annoying phase in her life as well and switched to natural oils and homemade recipes and healthy eating to get rid of them permanently.

Acne is often rather unpleasant in most cases, foliage imperfections onto the skin. These scars not simply impressions your appearance, but tend to make a man or woman feel embarrassed minimizing their confidence along with self worth. Fight acne in the best possible way and contact your skin specialist if necessary to get a younger looking skin. Are you a teenager suffering from Acne? Look at Exposed Skin Care review, the best acne treatment available in market