exposed-skin-care-cystic-acne-treatmentIf you’ve experienced a tender, red and swollen itchy bump on your skin, chances are likely that what you are experiencing is a cystic acne. Most people assume acne was supposedly a teenager problem; not so true. Cystic acne is caused due to the same reason in teenagers as in people in their fifties. Unbelievable, but true, hormonal changes can cause cystic acne in men; more so commonly in women as they experience these changes almost regularly.

Anything can be a reason for hormonal changes from menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause or even contraceptive pills. Sometimes the culprit may not be hormonal change but could be anything from dandruff, hygiene issues and even genetics. Cystic acne is a severe and painful form of acne resulting from a built-up of oil, clogged pores and bacteria.

Dermatologists prescribe many commonly available treatments with antibiotics and some people even try over the counter medicines to desperately get rid of cystic acne. Many treatment products like creams or lotions are only suitable for teenagers and are found ineffective on mature skin. Some on the other hand may heal acne but leave irreversible scars.

If you’ve spent countless dollars on treatments and countless hours without sleep worrying you haven’t achieved the desired results from other products, then it is time to try something much more effective and better.

Cystic acne is sometimes difficult to treat due to a person having what is known as a combination skin. A top_pick_200x386combination skin is extremely challenging to treat and only products that are tailor-made and suitable should be applied to the delicate facial skin. Treating acne could be achieved but at the cost of scars on the skin that could leave an ugly sight. Hence, using a product that heals and repairs gently and leaves a glowing complexion is absolutely desired from an acne treatment product.

Your tender facial skin is more valuable and nothing but the best could only suffice to treat cystic acne. With regular care, acne can be easily and completely cured if it is managed effectively with an advanced and complete skincare product range.

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