Nowadays a lot of skin products are available on the market. It is also an invasion of acne treatments, and it looks like all the companies which produce skin care products has special ones for those suffering of acne. Sometimes is getting rather difficult to choose the treatment that will work on you. However, because each type of skin needs special care there are a number of characteristics that should be taken into consideration when buying a product, such as the type of acne, its severity and the adverse reactions of your skin to one or more ingredients from certain products. It is known that what is best for one cannot work for another.

When deciding to try a certain product it is good to keep in mind the fact that acne is not a disease itself, but a manifestation of an internal malfunction. So, the toxins from the body must be eliminated and the malfunction cured in order to stop the acne from appearing and worsen.

We are not negating the fact that a number of the lotions, gels, moisturizers, medical treatments, astringents, and other such products are effective and if chosen according to your needs may get you rid of this awful skin condition. In addition to that, for these treatments to be effective you must stick to the principles which would be enumerated below. Yet, the main point we want to make is that all the external ways of treatment listed above need to be combined with treatment which will heal the internal malfunction.

When choosing an acne treatment, make sure that you are not allergic to one or more of its ingredients. Also, follow the instructions strictly and under no circumstances touch or squeeze the breakouts, as this will help the inflammation extend. It is advisable that the products used for treating acne are made only of natural ingredients.

By following some simple steps you can avoid the discomfort of having acne or any other skin problem. The first thing that must be done in order to prevent acne is to steam and cleanse the skin every day. When the hot steam has reached your face and the pores will open up, cleanse the face with a acne cleanser that matches your skin type. If you have found the cleanser which best suits your skin don’t give it up. The second step which should be taken if you want to prevent acne is to exfoliate all the dead cells from your face and use antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral lotion, such as that containing tea tree extract. Afterwards you can use a mask that will keep the acid-alkaline balance at a right level and then moisturize the skin with a natural moisturizer.

If you choose the right product for your face (advised by your dermatologist) and follow the instructions carefully you will free your face from acne forever.