Are you familiar with jojoba oil? Have you ever considered using jojoba oil for your facial and skin concerns?

A wonder oil with many different benefits. It is also often used as a key ingredient in organic skincare products but can also be used on its own.

What is jojoba oil?

13 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Face and Skin

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Face and Skin

Did you know you should ignore the spelling. Jojoba is actually pronounced “ho-ho-ba”!

Even though it is called an oil, it’s actually a liquid wax which comes from the nuts of the simmondsia chinensis plant. This plant is commonly found in parts of Mexico, California, and Arizona.

The list of properties is long. It has a similar composition to the oil which is naturally found in our own skin. This is why it is such an effective beauty product.

Jojoba oil is often used as a carrier oil with essential oils.

13 Benefits of Jojoba oil for face and skin

Here are 13 benefits of jojoba oil for face and skin. As you will learn, it is something everyone should have at home.

How many of these have you tried before?

1. It works as a gentle face moisturizer

When using jojoba oil for face and skin it works as a natural moisturizer. This is because it is rich in Vitamin E.

It is perfect for dry and sensitive skin as it offers hydration while evening out your skin tone.

After application, your skin will instantly feel more nourished and you will be ready to start the day.

It works as an emollient, this means you are left with a protective film. Your skin will be better prepared for your foundation.

A little goes a long way, and when you are done you will be giving your skin extra protection from the elements.

Even if you find yourself reacting to other common oils, try jojoba. It is much gentler than coconut, olive or argan oil.

2. You can use it as a lip balm

When considering using jojoba oil for face and skin, don’t forget your lovely lips!

Add one to two drops to your lips and they will be looking and feeling luscious in no time.

Dry, damaged lips will be hydrated without being left feeling flaky.

You can even add this over your lipstick for a touch of extra shine.

3. Jojoba oil works as an effective makeup remover

One benefit of jojoba oil is that you can use it to remove stubborn makeup.

At the end of the day, add a few drops to a cotton pad and sweep over your face. Repeat until there is no more makeup left.

You can even use this to remove your eye makeup. Use a cotton ball with a few drops and wipe your eyes.

There will be no panda eyes in the morning thanks to this little beauty trick.

We know we should always remove makeup before bed to get rid of dirt and impurities.

In addition to your skin feeling fresh and clean, you will also be adding back moisture. Replace those harsh makeup removers and use jojoba oil instead.

4. It will give you shinier, healthier hair

Technically this is not a tip for using jojoba oil for face and skin, but we think your hair is important too!

If your hair is feeling dry or dull, a few drops of this miracle oil to wet hair will bring it back to life. Your hair will be shinier and feel softer.

Interestingly, jojoba oil can also help to encourage hair growth. If you have hair loss caused by alopecia, aging, or other reasons- give this a try!

5. It has antibacterial properties and can fight acne

When considering using jojoba oil for face and skin concerns, you might not think it can help fight acne. It can!

It naturally contains antibacterial properties and works as a spot treatment for inflamed areas.

If you are looking for an acne product for the face and back areas, try looking for those which contain jojoba oil. Any bacteria in the skin will be naturally eliminated.

6. Jojoba oil is packed with antioxidants

You have probably heard about the power of antioxidants, and they aren’t just found in tea. Jojoba oil is full of them!

What can these antioxidants do for your skin? They are excellent at reducing the appearance of aging. Think of those fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

If you are concerned about aging (who isn’t?!), this one is for you.

Use jojoba oil topically on the face regularly and you will have a helping hand in the youth department. While we can’t stop aging, we can reduce the effects.

7. It has calming and soothing properties

Jojoba oil for face and body can do many wonderful things and not all are purely cosmetic.

When you use jojoba oil on scars and minor burns it can help to calm the affected areas. Over time, the appearance of scars may also be reduced.

You can gently apply a few drops to sores and cuts as a naturally soothing treatment.

If you are feeling stressed and need help relaxing, use jojoba oil as a carrier oil with your favorite essential oils. This works well as a massage oil.

When used for a massage, you will not only feel revitalized but your skin will be left feeling soft and silky.

Or, add it to your bath for a truly indulgent experience.

8. Jojoba oil is gentle enough to use on your baby

If you have a baby, jojoba oil should be in your bathroom cabinet. Little ones have sensitive skin and this is a natural way to help specific concerns.

Jojoba oil can be applied to their scalp to help rid cradle cap. Once applied, leave to set for a few minutes and comb through before rinsing.

Their little scalp will be free from flaky cradle cap in a short space of time.

Nappy rash can be difficult to combat and can be painful for little ones. Jojoba oil is gentle and can help to soothe the area.

9. It can help skin which has been damaged by the sun

Apply jojoba oil for face and skin which has been damaged by the sun. It nourishes and soothes and helps with skin repair.

It can minimize pigmentation which is often caused by excess sun.

The best way to avoid sun damage is to protect your skin in the first place.

However, if sun damage does occur you need to try to soothe and heal the area. This is where jojoba oil comes in.

10. It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks

As our bodies change, many of us end up with visible stretch marks. Jojoba oil can help to reduce the appearance, particularly when used early.

Pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss can all lead to stretching of the skin.

To get the full benefits of jojoba oil for your body make a habit of using it regularly. Apply a few drops and use instead of your regular body lotion.

You will be amazed at how beautifully soft your skin will become.

In addition, you can add juniper oil to jojoba oil as a topical treatment for cellulite!

11. You can use it to fight cold sores

Cold sores are unsightly, irritating and can be sore. When you have one pop up it can quickly hinder your self-confidence.

Docosanol is naturally found in jojoba oil. It is saturated fatty acids and works to get rid of cold sores fast.

If you feel the tingly sensation coming on, start applying this oil to the cold sore zone.

Before you invest in costly treatments, try this natural remedy!

12. It can help with the symptoms of your psoriasis

Psoriasis can leave you with dry flaky skin, and jojoba oil may be able to provide you with some relief.

It is moisturizing and works well when applied to affected areas such as knees and elbows. You can also apply to your scalp if you experience psoriasis in this area.

It won’t cure the cause of your psoriasis but it may make it less noticeable. This will hopefully provide you with some comfort.

13. Jojoba oil can ease the symptoms of eczema

If you suffer from eczema you will know how difficult the itching can be to control. Many products contain chemicals and ingredients which could cause a further reaction.

As jojoba oil is completely natural, it can help to ease the flair ups without making them any worse.

If you suffer from contact dermatitis, you may find jojoba oil helps to relieve this condition too.

If there is an area of your skin which is dry, damaged, sensitive or discolored – try a product which contains jojoba oil!

It really is a product which deserves plenty of credit. There is a reason why it’s so popular.

These are just 13 benefits of jojoba oil for face and skin, but there are more. Have you tried any of these?

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