Acne can be a major road-block for living a happy and fulfilled life; and although it can often be very tough to treat, you can certainly take steps to improve your skin and fight acne. This ClearPores article will highlight the different means and methods to fight acne and finally enjoy healthy, clear, vibrant skin. Almost all of the more expensive acne products and regimens on the market follow the same formula to cure acne; in a nutshell, that is: clean and flush out your pores, and protect your skin from foreign bacteria.

Even these expensive and time-consuming programs, however, ignore very fundamental and important steps of acne treatment which must not be ignored. The cause of acne is different for everybody. For example, one may have acne from not washing his face often enough, while another may be missing out on fundamental dietary supplements to fight bacteria on a molecular level. ClearPores incorporates all aspects into one single, tailored solution in order to ensure results for all users. It’s not the easiest or most profitable way of doing business, but it’s the reason why ClearPores boasts such a high level of customer satisfaction, and why customers tell us about the great results they’ve experienced.

Goodbye Struggle, Hello ClearPores

ClearPores Acne Treatment

ClearPores Acne Treatment

The ClearPores system includes three basic, fundamental parts which are all very important in the acne recovery process. Firstly, we need to tackle the bacteria already on your skin and keep your pores clean and healthy. Secondly, we need to ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients for naturally healthy skin. Finally, we need to protect your skin from dirt and bacteria in the future.

To accomplish this, we employ the ClearPores Facial System. This is a 3-step system intended to keep your skin clean and clear. ClearPores’ acne treatment program will wash out your pores, keep them healthy, and protect them for the future. The regimen goes a little something like this: a deep facial wash, daily herbal supplements, and a facial protection cream.

Acne: How it Works

In order to best understand the workings of this very effective process, we must first understand pores, acne, and how our skin works on a molecular level. The most exposed and outer layer of our skin is called the epidermis. As new skin cells are produced, they begin on the inner most layer of your skin, and are slowly pushed out to outer layers, and die as they do so. This means that your epidermis is made up of almost entirely dead skin cells. This process of pushing dying skin cells out to the epidermis takes about a month for most people. In fact, 40,000 skin cells are falling off of the epidermis every minute to make room for newer cells to take their place.

Acne comes into the picture when we raise the subject of hair follicles and their growth patterns. Hair follicles grow from the very innermost layer of skin and extend out to the outer layer, and finally above the skin altogether. The hair follicle begins its growth in a pore-like tube called a follicle. As the hair grows out from skin layer to skin later, it collects a thin coating of a substance known as sebum, which helps protect the strand of hair as it grows; the coating also makes your hair shiny and resistant to water.

Acne comes into the picture when we examine the possibilities of something going wrong in this process. First, however, it is necessary to know that sebum, the oil which slicks your hair, is also a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria we know as acne. Some areas of your body have more sebum than others, and this is why areas like the chest, face, or back are more prone to acne – because they produce more sebum. But the sebum only makes growth possible, it doesn’t cause growth itself. So what is the real root cause of acne?

There are several things can go wrong in the growth process of hair, in association with sebum, that can cause acne. Things go awry on a molecular level often, given our sheer number of cells, but we usually just don’t visibly see the mark they leave. When things go wrong on a molecular level when it comes to the growth of hair follicles through several layers of skin, we do notice it, and the mark it leaves is called acne.

The first cause of acne comes from when there is excessive cell division within the hair follicles. Some researchers believe this over-multiplication is caused by androgen hormones, which are more prevalent in teens throughout and around going through puberty. When these cells over multiply, a problem arises. When all these cells try to exit through the same follicle, it causes a breakout.

When there is too much sebum, there is also a problem. During puberty, our bodies produce an increased amount of hormones as well making our body more sensitive to these hormones. To make matters worse, hormones go hand in hand with sebum production, and when hormone production is high, so is sebum production. This is the perfect breeding ground for acne.

Bacteria can also cause acne, specifically a bacterium by the name of Propionibacterium acnes. This bacterium can often be the cause of acne, and it furthermore only exacerbates the problem by triggering inflammation within and around the hair follicle.

After all, this seemingly small errors triggering other problems and just making the situation worse all around, one is left with a backed up, sensitive and tender, inflamed hair follicle with a multitude of cells trying to squeeze through the same narrow passage. This is the reason why acne may feel painful upon touch, and also why it’s not considered a lovely sight either.

So what about the different types of acne? Why is some acne categorized by colors – white heads and black heads? —what’s the difference?

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Blackheads, Whiteheads, and Cists

Women with acne problems - ClearPores solved the problemA whitehead is an acne with a large blockage within the follicle. This follicle is filled with a puss-like substance and is then pushed towards the skin by the pressure built up within. White heads are really a pain because they easily stand out and are difficult to combat. This has to do with the fact that whitehead acne takes over two months to grow and develop. It is only after these two months that whitehead pimples become visible, so we shouldn’t expect them to disappear right away upon release of the pressure.

A blackhead pimple is less visible and painful, and in fact less of a problem on a molecular level. If there is a small opening to release some pressure, so that it’s not entirely trapped within like a whitehead pimple, then a blackhead forms. It takes on a black color because of a concentration of melatonin near the top.

If a pore becomes blocked for a long period of time and builds up a lot of pressure, it can even collapse a wall of the pore keeping it contained. If this happens, the built up substance and sebum floods other skin cells and is exposed to a layer of skin unready for its effects. This can lead to more serious, visible, and painful things like cists, which is a whole other topic. Treating cists requires serious medical counseling attention as they can get out of control very easily.

Getting the Broad Perspective

It’s also a good idea to look at your schedule from a bird’s eye view. For some, acne can be solved by something as simple as washing a pillow case more often, or something as trivial as swapping out your face wash for a different brand. Luckily, ClearPores’ bundles the best of ingredients into a single, easy solution. Even still, it’s beneficial to know the science behind acne in order to better combat it.

Along with using ClearPores’ acne regimen, one should actively keep an eye out for activities which may be exacerbating a problem with acne. It’s a good idea to keep a journal with your daily activities, as well as registering your diet. The next day, go back to your page from the day before and comment as to the current condition of your acne today. After a week or so of sticking with this little chore, look back on your pages and check to see if any pattern arises. If the condition of your acne remains the same over this period of time, try slowly but surely changing your daily activities and diet. Do this one-by-one, so as in a scientific experiment you can spot the variable which affects your acne. For example, some might find that when they consume dairy products, their acne is worse the next day; others might find that eating wheat is the cause of their acne. Or, for some, it can be something as trivial as using the same dirty razor on their face every day.

I’m writing from experience. I was a young teen when I first experienced acne. It plagued my very existence – not to sound over dramatic here, but it really did make me self-conscious in public. I tried Proactive and several other popular brands, but to no avail. I spent over an hour everyday applying a number of creams and products. Not only was this time consuming, and not only did this drain my energy, it also very simply did not work. In fact, after using Proactive my skin was left dry and unhealthy. I knew it wasn’t natural and I didn’t want to continue on this way. Finally, I went to a dermatologist who recommended three things: I keep my skin clean, I protect my skin throughout the day, and I experiment with my diet.

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How I Took on Acne for Healthy Skin

Following her advice, ClearPores and cutting out dairy and wheat products were the perfect combination. I kept a record of what I ate and what I did throughout the day along with a note about the condition of my acne, just as I outlined above. Sure enough, I noticed that dairy and wheat had a relationship with my acne. I cut out one, then cut out the other, and I haven’t looked back since. I noticed a huge difference within a week, perhaps even less. After a few weeks thereafter, I went from having significant acne to having very little at all. Best of all, the acne didn’t leave any marks on my skin!

This wasn’t only about keeping my skin looking good. As I embarked upon the journey of fighting my acne – and it is a journey – I came to appreciate the inner workings of my skin and its complicated processes which without it wouldn’t make daily life possible. I now make sure I keep my skin healthy, which takes care of how it looks and all the rest. In this vein, I make sure I drink a lot of water – about a gallon a day – in order to give my skin all the hydration it needs to carry out its processes. I also eat a very healthy diet and run a very tight ship when it comes to grooming and keeping myself clean and sharp. In the end, not only does my skin look clean and clear, but I feel better and healthier. People say I have a natural glow about me, and I’ve experienced significantly more energy since I’ve started taking care of myself more.

The fight against acne is a journey. It’s a trail which will begin with frustration and end with a healthy body and a new outlook on how it is you take care of yourself on a daily basis. The important thing, as you are perhaps starting your journey at this very moment, is to stay calm and stay the course – even among the frustration and anxiety caused my new breakouts and setbacks. Experiment with your diet and daily activities, and use ClearPores to keep yourself clean, clear, and looking sharp.

ClearPores Worked for Me, and it Can Work for You Too

I still use the ClearPores package for good measure in order to keep my skin close to flawless. I follow the simple formulated instructions provided when you order the program and I really just couldn’t be happier. Best of luck, and stand on the shoulders of giants, as the saying goes, to fight acne in the most effect way possible!

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