Zinc as an acne fighter has been recognized and used for quite a few years now.  It is of course an essential vitamin in your diet, and the needs for zinc differ between individuals.  Generally speaking, people aren’t actually deficient in zinc.  Zinc is easy to come by.  The thing that happens is that it is one of the few vitamins that when taken in excess helps your skin even more.
Zinc is necessary and essential in the growth of healthy human skin cells.  This means that if you have more zinc running through your veins, you will be more able to fight off infections, increase your hair, skin, and nail growth, and otherwise improve liver function, insulin activity, maintain sexual function, and metabolize carbs, proteins, and lipids.

Can Zinc Make Acne Worse

For that reason, it has been quite popularly used in fighting acne, even to the point of having entire products based around it.  It has likewise been used for ulcers, which obviously take more work to heal, pointing to the general efficacy of it as a treatment for a milder condition such as acne, and it has been used for high cholesterol, herpes, HIV interestingly enough, ADHD, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Zinc has many uses and benefits to it.  You just have to find out what those are for yourself.  However, with acne, its benefits are nailed down, and they are there. I wouldn’t suggest using it as the sole ingredient in any formula.  But it could definitely aid other ingredients and reduce some acne on its own.

Can Zinc Make Acne Worse, Zinc As An Acne Treatment , How is zinc treatment performed?, Does zinc really work for Acne Treatment? and more...

Can Zinc Make Acne Worse, Zinc As An Acne Treatment

How is zinc treatment performed?

You can get zinc in two ways. As an oral pill or as a topical cream.
In fact, its application as a topical cream is the most talked version on skin care forums and blogs. The fact that zinc is also used in diaper creams is proof of its suitability for sensitive skin.
It is often preferred because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
But there is also evidence that pill versions are effective on acne. New York dermatologist Sejal Shah; Zinc as a pill alone says it has an effect on acne.

Does zinc really work for Acne Treatment?

“I do not believe that zinc alone can be useful in the treatment of acne. There is no such evidence, especially for oral zinc, New said New York expert Shari Marchbein.
In Reddit, it is possible to find a lot of evidence that acne is good.
In the light of these results, we can conclude that zinc can be used as an adjunct and supportive acne treatment, not as the main treatment.

Should you try zinc for acne treatment?

In light of this information it may still be a little hard to believe this mite. If you want to try it, you can try zinc with natural products but you shouldn’t expect radical changes.
And, of course, we recommend that you consult your doctor before you get into beauty trends!