Best Acne Treatments for Teenagers, Men & Women

Acne, spots, zits, blackheads or whatever you call them, are a problem most of us faced at some point.

It not only affects teenagers but adults are also not spared. Thanks to acne treatments you don’t have to suffer for much longer.

With my personal experience and review of different acne treatments, I will recommend the best acne treatment that can help clear your skin of spots, regardless of if you’re a teenager, women or a man; The treatments I recommend here work for teens and adults! 

I have scoured the internet for the overall best acne treatments for every age ranges (Teens and adults) as well as, skin types, the same 3 were being recommended time after time with one outright winner based on 96% positive customer feedback

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Benzoyl P.
Sacyclic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Green Tea
Aloe Vera
Tea Tree Oil

Acne is not only something I have suffered through, but it’s also something I successfully got rid of Yay! I keep researching about new and better ways to prevent acne. Of course, acne treatments differ depending largely on age demographics and both genders.

This sole reason that encouraged me to pen down how and why acne can be caused to each one of you either if you’re adult male, women or a teen and best treatments to cater to acne removal. There is always more than one way to cure acne, and I have listed all of the ways for acne removal for you.

During some time or the other, we have all suffered from acne. Besides our looks, it also scars our confidence. I had been a victim of acne throughout my freshman year in college. But it wasn’t long before I got rid of acne and gained my pride back.

I shall be focusing on the various reasons that cause acne along with methods and products that can be used to rise to a newer and cleaner acne free skin.

Common Acne Symptoms

Acne doesn’t always come up as a bright red mountain on your face, chest, neck or back. There are signs on your face that signify the build-up of acne such as:

  1. Cystic lesions: Build-up of pus in a lump like a shape on your face. It is painful.
  2. Back Acne: Also known as ‘Bacne,’ these are pigmented bumps on your back or lower back. These are usually formed due to unhygienic cleaning, sweating or chemical build-up.
  3. Pimples: Pimples are not necessarily red at the top, but are equally bumpy and painful. These are caused due to oily pores and the unclean skin surface.
  4. White Heads and black Heads

Some Causes Of Acne: Why Do You Get It?

A beautiful teen girl - suffering from acne

finding the best acne treatment could be hard

Acne is not a chronic disease neither is it life-threatening. But its severity doesn’t stop it from tainting our self-esteem. It does, subconsciously, lower our confidence. Various causes can cause acne. It differs at various ages and for both genders.

  • Improper Hygiene: Men and women due to many reasons beside oily skin can cause adult acne. It can be due to clogged pores. It can also be due to dirt accumulated on the skin due to less or improper cleaning. Notice that all these times you have been touching your face with your unclean hands.
  • Internal Imbalance: It can also be caused due to internal reasons like excessive stress, change in hormones or for women, also your menstrual cycle. Notice that volcanic eruption on your chin every time your periods are approaching. Sometimes it can also be when ladies resume or discontinue birth control. For women in their late adulthood, it can be due to the approaching menopause.

Best Acne Treatment Starting From $49.99 Only

Treating acne is not as hard as it looks. Once you have determined to get rid of it, it’s only a matter of time until you do. With a clear skin, you will be more confident about your looks, and it will reflect in your personality. Acne has never failed to appear for important dates and meetings.

With a strict combination of the best acne treatment kits and a healthy diet, you shall see the definite results. Dermatologists recommend varied ways that are experimented as the best treatment for curing acne in men and women as well as adults and teenagers. I have also added actual Customer Reviews about these brands to test that does it work.

1. Exposed Skin Care Treatment

Best Acne Treament Kit Review

The best acne treatment for men, women and teens available right now

The popular anti-acne range, Exposed Skin Care is a customer favorite brand. Ever since it hit the market with its products to facilitate the best treatment for acne removal, its customer base has only been increasing. People suffering from chronic acne know how such products give them new hope, but they wonder does it work?

Exposed Skin Care offers a line of products to guarantee the best treatment for you. You may buy these products individually or in an acne kit. In the products section, customer favorites are the Facial Cleanser, Probiotic Complex, and Moisture Complex. Other products in the acne kit that Exposed Skin Care offers are Microderm Scrub, Body Wash, Facial Serum and Facial Mask.

Buy Exposed Skin Care

About the Products

  1. Facial Cleanser: It is mostly bought more times individually than in the acne kit. Customers have become so savvy to the face wash that they end up using it faster than other products.

Customer Reviews

  • Clearer Skin: After using the facial cleanser from Exposed Skin Care, customers have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of acne on their skin. This is an average of 2 months of usage.
  • No Oily Shine: Customers praise the face wash by saying that it gives a very clean look instantly without drying the skin out. It keeps the skin adequately hydrated.
  1. Probiotic Complex: Enriched with green tea extracts and antioxidants, the probiotic complex is a product that works internally. The jar has 60 capsules with daily dosage instructions. It helps your body get rid of acne from the inside out.

Customer Reviews

  • Visible Change: After an average of three weeks of usage, most customers started observing the downfall of those painful red bumps on their face and chest.
  • Fewer Breakouts: Its effects account to best treatment when combined with a healthy diet. The probiotic complex worked terrifically for most customers. They started noticing that although it didn’t get rid of acne completely, the appearance had started reducing.
  1. Moisture Complex: Made with pumpkin extract and caffeine apart from green tea extract, this is a rich light cream for your face. Customers who don’t even suffer from acne also buy this product.

Try Exposed Skin Care

Customer Reviews

  • No Excess Oil: The Moisture Complex does not leave the skin with an oily residue. Most customer reviews praised its light solution that absorbs easily into the skin and hydrates well.
  • Rich Hydrating Essence: A bunch of customer reviews was about this moisturizer being the best treatment they had seen. For people with oily and acne prone skin, moisturizers were seen as a dread. For those customers, the Moisture complex has now become their holy grail.

The essential ingredient in the entire range of Exposed Skin Care is extracts of green tea and other antioxidants. Despite this, these acne kits do not guarantee complete removal of acne spots. It does scale down your breakouts incredibly. You will start seeing visible results within two to three weeks of regular use. ‘Does it work for every individual?’ That depends on how much your body accepts the treatment. It might work wonders for some while for others it may take a while before it starts showing results. All that said, this has been a miracle product for me. For others, It may need time and cooperation from your skin.

My Experience: I have always been very selective of the products I use on my skin. All my questions that does it work were put to rest after I used this. Why Exposed Skin Care appealed to me was because of the natural ingredients they used.  Within two weeks of use, my facial skin looked much clearer and fresh around the clock. The severity of acne breakouts had significantly toned down. This is by far the best treatment I have used. 

2. Zenmed Acne Treatment

ZenMed is another ravishing brand that offers the best treatment that you would love to try if you are suffering from chronic acne. It’s been in the industry for more than a decade and has been running successfully. It has a 93% success rate among customers who completed the entire dosage according to prescription.

Zenmed Acne Treatment

Zenmed Acne Treatment

ZenMed has come up with a range of four different acne kits. Three of these acne kits are for various skin types, and the fourth acne kit is to include in your diet as pills and potions. You can choose an acne kit based on your skin type or acne severity. When you visit the website, it claims upfront to be a product for sensitive skin.

It also claims to be made with all natural ingredients by the doctor’s guidelines. The ingredients are mentioned on the official website. The popular products you can find in the acne kit are:

  1. Facial Cleansing Gel: This facial cleansing gel is used after the supplement applied on the skin. It is a face wash in a gel form, thus preventing dry skin. You must use the face wash at least twice a day to get clear oil free skins.

Customer Reviews

  • Does Not Cause Irritation: Customers adore the face wash. It gently washes off without causing irritation. The formula is the best treatment to clear out bacteria and sweat strongly without hampering the skin.
  • Visible Clear Skin: The face wash cleans off the germs and dirt that cause heavy acne. For customers with severe acne, it did not completely wipe the acne spots, but there was a definite reduction in the number of new acne breakouts.
  1. AHA/BHA Complex: The AHA/BHA complex is a cream toner for the acne skin regime. It must be used to top up the facial cleanser. It gives the feeling of a light moisturizer. It is a great solution to get rid of the dead skin and clogged pores on your facial skin.

Customer Reviews

  • Less Inflammation: The AHA/BHA Complex has reduced inflammation on the skin and around the acne prone areas incredibly. Customer reviews have praised this product on how the acne has become less painful with regular use.
  • No New Acne: With the regular use of AHA/BHA Complex, customers with moderate or less severe acne have noticed that their skin is not breaking out anymore. For customers with heavy acne, it certainly has toned down terrifically than before.
  1. Sebum Regulating Moisturizer: People who are prone to heavy acne are terrified of moisturizers. We don’t blame you! The Sebum Regulating Moisturizer is amazement in itself. It only hydrates your skin without clogging your pores.

Customer Reviews

  • No Oily or Greasy Shine: Customer reviews stated that they couldn’t keep their hands off this formula from the first application itself,. A product that moisturizer without leaving the skin feeling oily and sweaty is a myth until now for many. Not anymore!
  • Noticeable Difference in Skin: Customer reviews raved about the reducing number of pimples on their face. And that’s not it, after a few weeks the skin had a natural glow that wasn’t sweaty. It is because of the essential hydrating properties of the moisturizer.

3. Revitol AcneZine


Revitol AcneZine – For Acne Treatment

With a 90% success rate, Revitol AcneZine is another leading brand that offers the best acne treatment in the industry of anti-acne products. It has an all-new approach with its only focus on healing the body from the inside out without using acne creams. The product contains herbal and natural ingredients. It aims bring the balance in your body to equilibrium, and that will end the cause of acne in the customer’s body.

This therapeutic brand has come up with a range to heal existing pimple and avoid the formation of new acne. They have a bottle of pills for various categories like for blackheads/whiteheads, rosacea, men, women, athletes, and teenagers. It has also had different bottles to make it the best treatment for you depending on the severity of your acne problem.

  1. Severe Acne Treatment: It comes in a pack of 7 bottles with about 70 pills in each bottle. It treats large acne patches and painful cysts on the skin. It reduces the onset of new ones and leaves fewer marks of the existing ones.

Customer Reviews

  • Drastic Reduction in Acne: With a continuous intake of these pills, the customers have seen drastic reductions in the formation of new breakouts. It works much better than the topical products used externally on the skin.
  • Best Acne Treatment when combined with Water: For many it works without any major changes in their diet. But for some customers who started drinking heavy quantities of water to avoid dehydration, the pills worked wonders.
  1. Body Acne Treatment: It isn’t common, but acne or cysts can happen to anybody and on any part of your body. We understand how painful it can be. Some of us have chronic acne on our back, which seemed incurable until now.

Customer Reviews

  • Significant Improvement: After a month of regular use, customers have observed a drastic improvement in their skin. No significant breakouts were found even after discontinuing the supplement.
  • Hair Texture Improved: Major customer reviews stated the effects of this product on their body apart from acne. The recurrence of hair fall and was reduced to some extent, repaired due to the balance restored inside our body.
  1. Athletes: AcneZine understands the different supplements and diet that athletes have to adopt. But they’re still prone to genetic acne. To avoid such acne and to cater to their body, AcneZine has come up with anti-acne pills specially designed for Athletes and Sportspersons.

Customer Reviews

  • Clean and Clear Skin: Each Athlete that has used AcneZine has eventually seen their acne disappearing. Not only this, old marks and scars have faded away. AcneZine results show that its the best treatment even when taken with other health potions.
  • Better Focus on the Game: With Acne gone downhill, our customer athletes’ confidence has only gone up. They feel more confident and relaxed about their appearance and can concentrate completely on their training and game without worrying about race.

AcneZine doesn’t just kill the acne bacterias, but it stops them growing further so that you do not suffer from Acne again in future. You can finally have the honor to bid goodbye to greasy hair and facial skin while also undergoing the best treatment naturally against acne removal.

Best Acne Treatment For Teenagers

Most teen guys and teen girls suffer from acne during one time. It is so common that every 4 out of 5 teen guys suffer from it. But of course, such information does not matter when you’re sitting with a big pimple popping out. While most teen girls can conceal the big bump with makeup, teen guys don’t have an option but to wait around until it goes away.

Teenager Boys With AcneAs if teenagers’ lives aren’t already difficult with dating and socializing, there’s inflammation, breakouts and acne to top that. Also known as ‘Acne Vulgaris’ where the latter means ‘common,’ acne is a normal problem that all teenagers suffer from.

Some teen guys and girls may suffer from chronic acne while for some acnes pay occasional visits. We have an answer to all your ‘does it work’ questions with the best acne treatments for acne removal.

Major Causes Of Acne In Teens

  • Acne hits kids mostly when kids hit puberty. It is almost like a rite of passage and not a pleasant one. The enormous acne breakouts are caused due to the sudden change that your body is going through at that time. If your parents had it at your age, chances are you will have it too. But for most kids, it goes away by the time teenagers reach the age of 20..
  • Excessive Sebum: Your body, usually produces a normal amount of sebum. Sebum is an oil gland in your skin. With time and hormonal changes in teenagers, the chances are that the secretion of sebum will increase incredibly. This will result in oily skin. Such excess amount of sebum becomes a dwelling for prospective bacteria and germs. And that, in turn, develops and cause painful acne.
  • Clogged pores may result into blackheads or whiteheads. It the pore closes while clogged, you are left with a white head. But if the pore stays open after being clogged, it may catch dirt and darken in shade. Such phenomenon is what we call blackhead.
  • In some cases, open pores are an invitation to sebum, dirt, and bacteria to accumulate. Such clogs result into red bumpy, painful pimples. The pus inside is a combination of all that got trapped in.

Do not get tempted to pop a pimple on your face. You might end up getting permanent acne spots or scars on your face. If a particular pimple seems to persist for more than usual, consult a skin specialist.

2016 – Best Acne Treatment For Men

Acne can be an embarrassment when you’re in the prime of your career. Grown men often suffer from acne even after crossing their teen guys’ years. Such persistent acne is called Adult Acne. Lucky for you, adult men are prone to acne only half as much as women are (Acne In Men are very common these days).

We understand that it affects your confidence and makes you insecure about your looks. That is very much why we have listed down the major reasons men suffer from acne and what triggers it. You can be on the lookout for such circumstances and avoid it.

Major Causes Of Acne In Adult Men

  • Stress: Excessive stress and tension can hamper not only your health, but also your skin. Acne is also a way of your body to slow it down, Take a step back and introspect. Of course, you can’t run away from work when your desk is swamped, but you need to find the balance. Indulge in leisure activities. Meditate or do yoga regularly. Play your favorite sports or take a few days out of your busy schedule to unwind and relax. Let your skin breathe fresh air and you shall see the results for yourself.
  • Sunburns: If you think that the sun will burn your pimples away, you’re wrong. Be careful under the sun, especially when you are already suffering from acne. Excessive sun exposure can make it worse. Opt for a great sunscreen. If you have trouble finding one because of oily or heavy texture, consult a dermatologist. Skin specialists will recommend the right sunscreen for you. Oily skin is no excuse to abstain from using sunscreen regularly. Sun exposure increases the secretion of oils on your face over a period.
  • Unhealthy Diet: It is unfair to your body when you feed it junk most of the time and still expect your skin to shine like a rainbow. When you put oily foods, fried foods and heavy carbs in your system, it imbalances your digestion. Junk foods get in the way of body functions. Dairy products are also to be avoided if you’re suffering from chronic acne. Milk alone has too many fats and triggers the oil glands.

Order Exposed Skin Care – The Perfect Acne Solution For Men

Acne Problems Associated With Women

Acne Treatment Kits For WomenAlthough women always have the option, it is not always a good idea to cover acne with makeup. You might end up irritating your skin more. But without makeup, you might end up looking blemished. What a dilemma!

Women are twice as prone to acne as men are. And most women end up suffering from a nasty breakout right during our menstruation. Like the pain of menstruation wasn’t enough, acne comes along to become the cherry on the cake.

Major Causes

  • Menstruation: It is often observed that most teen girls get breakouts when their menstrual cycle is about to start. This is very normal and is caused due to the hormonal change triggered by the body naturally. Some antibacterial solutions combined with a heavy intake of water to cool the body down will effectively prevent acne during such time.
  • Hormonal Changes: When teen girls hit puberty, their body changes drastically. This is all caused due to change in hormones. During puberty, women or teen girls secrete more hormones called androgens, which are male hormones. The existing glands become larger and secrete more sebum. This, in turn, makes the skin appear oily. Not only does the skin suffer from a dewy shine, but also accumulates dirt and bacteria.
  • Birth Control: Many times when women start taking birth control pills or suddenly stop taking birth control pills; it can trigger a change in the bodily functions. It may cause the hormones to misbehave. Thus, it might result in nasty acne on such occasions.
  • Makeup: If you have a thick layer of makeup on your face throughout the day, your facial skin won’t be able to breathe. It includes heavy moisturizers and oily sunscreens besides the layers of foundations and concealers and loose powders. It is all right to beautify your look, but to abuse your skin at the cost of temporary good looks is not acceptable. The sweat trapped under your make up multiplies the existing bacteria and can cause ugly breakouts in the later stages. Thus, it is extremely necessary to avoid oily makeup and clean your face up now and then.

Natural Remedies For Acne Treatment

Before the onset of modern technology and innovative pharmacy, medication was carried out through natural remedies. We all know that medications accelerate the best treatment of a disease in our body, but at what cost?

The side effects of many supplements we consume our unknown to a majority of customers. Thus, it is mostly preferred to cure acne through age-old safe and natural preventive remedies. You can opt for either or all 3 of the following remedies to treat acne in general.

  1. Alter Your Lifestyle for Treating Acne

Some of you may assume that because your folks suffered from acne, you will have to too. No! You can very easily change or at the least improve your skin texture by incorporating these simple tips into your daily life.

Getting some sleep will help your stress levels. And in turn, helps reduce acne. Stress is a known factor to give way to an imbalanced body and unhappy skin. More sleep ensures lesser tension and lesser breakouts.

Drinking a lot of water is always favorable. Drinking water regularly cools your body temperature from the inside. It also flushes out the toxins and impurities from your body. Drinking lots of water throughout the day keeps your bodily functions active and prevents dullness. It also keeps your body and skin hydrated.

Exercising regularly reduces tension. Any activity that involves active body movements like working out running, games or dancing prevents stress. It also does a lot for the body. It keeps you fit and improves blood flow. But don’t forget to take a quick shower every time you sweat.

Don’t touch your face often. We understand that your face sweats often, but that is no excuse to let your germy hands touch it. The germs and oil on your fingertips alone cause heavy damage to your face without you even realizing it. Use a tissue or a soft napkin to blot off the sweat. If it is sweating profusely, wash your face with cold water followed by ice.

Wash your face often and exfoliate. It is necessary to wash off all the dirt visible and invisible on the surface of your facial skin. That is why you must wash your face with a face wash at least twice every day. And it doesn’t end here. Your skincare routine must include exfoliation too. Gently scrub away the dead upper layer of your skin to welcome a fresh, glowing skin. End with a toner or a light moisturizer.

Watch the products you’re using on your skin. You must be conscious while being selective about the products you use for your face and hair. Some products include ingredients with harmful effects. Also, the oils from some shampoos and gels glide onto your facial skin or back causing acne.

  1. Create a Hormonal Balance with Acupuncture for Acne

In a nutshell, Acupuncture can cure almost all your bodily problems. Its advantages are manifold.

Most people are not aware of the benefits of Acupuncture. Acupuncture has been in the world since ancient times and has never failed to cure diseases and disorders. It is a practice of inserting extremely thin needles into the areas of the skin, which are considered to be carrying energy. It is a very well researched concept and was originated in the ancient Asia.

Expert Acupuncturists can identify the problem inside your body just by looking at the location of your acne. They say that where your acne spot pops is a sign of where the imbalance exactly took place. Acupuncturists say that the most common root causes of acne are digestion problems and hormones. Since hormones differ with each person they treat, their treatment also differs from patient to patient. Acupuncturist take into consideration your entire health and then design the best treatment for you.

Indigestion, constipation or bloating are signs of your stomach being the cause of acne. Your acupuncturist may puncture you in spots that favor the stomach’s functioning. Some acupuncture spots combined with herbs also reduce sebum and its production, thus keeping your face sweat free and pores clog free.

An Acupuncture treatment is not restricted to needles. They also prescribe herbs as medicines to treat the cause of the imbalance. Acne is caused in men and women both due to hormonal imbalance. The prescription is depending on age, gender and cause. For adult women or teen girls suffering from acne during their menstrual cycle can seek acupuncture treatment too. It not only reduces breakouts, but also decreases the pain you suffer due to menstruation.

  1. Use Home Recipes as Remedies for Acne

You can use ingredients easily available in your kitchen to erase those eerie acne spots on your face. Some remedies take time to show results, and some ingredients need to be substituted with different skin types. These remedies can be facial masks or acne creams. But we have easy solutions for each one of you: adult men and women, teen boys and teen girls or oily and dry skin.

Grape Face Cleanser

Slice a few grapes and rub it on your face and neck. Steer clear of the eye area. The acidity in grapes will kill the impurities and make your skin appear fresh. Wash off with cool water and pat dry. This cleanser is suitable for use every alternate day for normal to oily skin.

Cucumber Face Mask

Blend chopped cucumber and keep it cool. Mix with a bowl of oatmeal in a ratio of 1:2. Add a dash of lemon juice. Apply a thick of this acne cream mask on your face and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water and end with toner. You can apply this pack every 4 to 5 days. Leave out the lemon if irritation occurs.

Baking Soda with Baking Powder

This remedy work wonders for oily skin. Baking Soda is an excellent Exfoliator. Mix these two portions equally with a spoonful of water. It should result in a creamy texture. Apply this acne cream on the acne spots and let it sit for about 5-7 minutes. Wipe off with a damp cotton pad and wash off with cool water. It will help in acne removal and to fade acne spots. End with a light moisturizer.

Yeast with Yogurt

Add two spoonful of yogurt to a cup of yeast. Mix well and apply on the affected areas. This formula is best known to absorb the excess oils on your face. Yogurt is a cooling substance. Continue using this acne cream regularly every three days if it doesn’t irritate your skin.

These remedies are focused on making your skin oil free, germ-free and glowing. You might question whether does it work or not. The ingredients used in these remedies are known for the benefits they provide in acne removal. It does take a few applications of the acne cream until you start seeing the results.